Veteran’s Day 11-11-11 Event

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson from Lebanon, PA has been playing music for over 25 years and has written a large volume of songs, mostly under the name of his former band, Fishkill, although on most of the recordings, he played all the instruments. Some of the songs have even reached high chart positions on a variety of Internet radio stations. He released a total of four discs under this name.

In 2004, he turned the recording project into a live band and began playing music throughout the central Pennsylvania area. The band even participated in the 2005 Bodog Battle of the Bands in Philadelphia, where they made an impression on the crowd as something a little out of the ordinary. The band, however, only recorded six songs, three of which are live performances. Poor audience turnout and the loss of their first drummer altered the creative chemistry of the band and ultimately, they parted ways. After the band broke up in 2006, Nelson began compiling songs that would be used to re-launch himself as a solo musician. This time, he started leaning toward a more folk-like sound, while keeping the spirit of rock and roll intact. What followed was a new sound known as “Dark Folk”.

In 2009, he released his first solo CD, Nightfall which features all new songs which range from hard rock to acoustic folk. In August, Chris released a follow up effort call The Invisible Man. He currently performs songs live as an acoustic performer, but still has a full band on record. Chris’s music was selected for the soundtrack to the upcoming movie “Schizo Effect” released in October of 2010. His music has been featured on WRVV 97.3 FM’s Local Music Program “Open Mic Night with Michael Anthony Smith” broadcasting in the Central Pennsylvania region and on the all-independent show “On the Horizon with John Anderson.” OTH is on 21 different radio stations, with approximately seven million listeners in five different countries.

He has also worked with Michael Ellenbogen, author of “The Insider’s Guide to Saving Money” on a song about his life with Alzheimer’s disease. He has also been active in fundraising efforts for veterans, organizing the “Sound Off For Vets” fundraisers on Harrisburg’s City Island in June 2010 and May 2011.

Chris’s Website

2011 Homeless Vets Clothing Drive

Everybody likes free stuff, right? How would you like to see the concert at Sound Off for Veterans’ Day for free? It’s easy!

If you’re going to attend the dinner portion of the event,  you automatically have access to the concert. Dinner tickets are $20, however, and this is not what we’re talking about. Tickets to the concert after the dinner featuring local bands are $5 each.

Those who want to get into the concert for free only have to bring an item of clothing–not something you’re wearing to the event, obviously. We want everyone to stay dressed, please–to donate toward the Harrisburg YWCA’s Homeless Veterans Program. The YWCA is always in need of clothing ites for these veterans as many of them only have what’s on their back. Here are some ideas for donations:

  • Winter Coats: Winter is coming soon and these people will need something warm in order to survive. If you have a coat that is still usable that you’re not using, why not donate it?
  • Socks and underwear: The YWCA is always in need of undergarments and sock for both male and female. Why not purchase a package of underwear in any adult size as a donation?
  • Shirts and Pants: usable clothing that is not torn or shredded make good possibilities for donations. Shirts can be either long or short sleeved variety and either men’s or women’s–they need both.
  • Sweaters & Sweatshirts: Keeping warm on the street will b a challenge and a sweater or sweatshirt can make a huge difference. If you have some of these that you’re not wearing anymore and are in good condition, the YWCA can use them.

Remember, this event is honoring veterans, so what better way to show your support than by giving to those veterans who have fallen on hard times since leaving the military?

Tickets Now On Sale!

UPDATE: The earlier, dinner portion of the show has been cancelled as of 10/27/11. The latter part of the show is still on starting at 9pm!

Tickets are now available online for Sound Off for Veteran’s Day on Friday, November 11th at Champions Sports Bar in Highspire, PA. Tickets are $20 per person (plus a $2.50 handling fee) and will be available online only until October 25th. If you’d like to personally purchase tickets, please stop by Champions Sports Bar, 300 2nd Street, Highspire, PA. Or you can obtain tickets by emailing Ric Albano