Planning for Sound Off 2 Begins


The Sound Off for Vets Planning Committee met in Harrisburg last night to begin working on this year’s event. The date is now going to be on June 4th, since the riverboat wasn’t available on the original date of the 18th. Our point of contact from the Harrisburg Riverboat Society is Will D’Amico. He will be our liaison to the group. I have reserved the boat for June 4th and spoke with Andrew Ponte, who has agreed to send me an acknowledgement in writing. We are also going to make sure that we have written agreements from the Riverboat Society so everyone is on the same page this year. Chris Nelson that issue. 

First, we have a working web site, so you can begin sending this link out to anyone you know; Thanks to Ric Albano for making this happen. 

We are currently developing a set of sponsorship packages to offer local business this year in order to help with the costs of the event. Ric Albano is working that issue. We hope to have something that will be attractive to local businesses and allow us to raise the money we need for this event. I also plan to contact our local veteran service organizations (VFW, Legion, etc.) to see if they would be willing to donate to this event. 

I am working on getting Crown Magnetics in Lebanon to furnish posters for this event that we can use to get the word out about this event. There should have something to report by the next time we meet. 

This event has been registered with the Wounded Warrior Project. They will be coordinating with us as we get further along. 

We are also working on having a photographer and videographer at the event to offer video and photos to the bands & musicians as a ‘thank you’ for their participation. This will also give us more footage to place on the web site in the future. 

Another thing we discussed is asking some of the more well-known acts in the area to perform for this event in order to get a larger crowd. Karyn Albano is working that issue. 

We are trying to get someone to coordinate the kids’ activities. Dena Djangdhari is trying to contact Susan Smith from Operation Military Kids to get some assistance. 

Our next meeting has been scheduled for February 28 in the Kline Library meeting room at 5:30 PM.